Deconstruction, Selective Demolition & Specialty Contracting
Disposal King Demolition can arrange all the permits, do the hazardous assessments, remove any hazardous materials, raze the structure, clear the site, backfill the excavations, landscape and restore the area. DK Demolition can assist you at any stage of your project’s development including budgeting and scheduling.
Interior Demolition - Drywall Removal & Disposal

Demolishing offices, retail, restaurants usually in preparation for renovation, reuse and/or upgrading of the space. This work includes interior millwork, wall and ceiling removal, demolition of flooring and some utility services, salvage and selective structural demolition in occupied facilities or operating businesses.
Flooring & Membrane Removal

Floor removal projects call for machines that are designed to get the job done right with power and performance to speed through the toughest projects: Carpet, VCT/VAT & Ceramic Tile, Lino, Sheet Vinyl, Hardwood, Parquet, Roofing Material, Waterproof Membranes, Sports Courts and Elastomeric Coatings.
Exterior Demolition - Facade & Building Envelope

DK Demolition's capabilities encompass building envelope repairs, which include siding, stucco, EIFS, masonry, caulking, concrete and balcony slab repairs. Exterior demolition can involve cutting a building in half to make it smaller / prepare for an addition or the removal of facades to modernize the building.
Historic Conservation & Asset Recovery

DK Demolition because of their experience and knowledge of the nature of structures, often have considerable expertise in historic preservation. They understand what structural elements can be saved and how to assure that the integrity of an historic structure can be maintained.
Dismantling, Deconstruction & Recycling

Cities, Municipalities and LEED compliance is requiring Developers and Contractors to Recycle and Reuse up to and excess of 90% of the construction waste from a building. DK Demolition has the equipment and labour to meet these stringent requirements and Recycle and Reuse over 90% of our Demolition Waste.
Partial, Phased, Structural & Engineered Demolition

Industrial & Commercial Demolition can be a complex undertaking involving environmental remediation, sophisticated engineering, shoring, specialized rigging, WorkSafe, Municipal, GVRD & Ministry of Environment requirements, complex industrial Occupational Health & Safety and hygiene requirements.
HAZMAT Assessment / Abatement / Remediation

DK Demolition follows industry-tested procedures and practices to safely remove asbestos, mould, lead, mercury, pcb's, hydro-carbons and wood preservatives from your residential, commercial or industrial property. We specialize in the safe and effective management of hazardous materials.
Concrete / Asphalt: Cutting, Coring, Demolition & Disposal

DK Demolition can handle all your concrete/asphalt demolition projects from asphalt roadways, window and wall openings, pump bases, stairway openings, from tile removal to bank vaults. We can offer a total package to scan, break (by hand or machine), cut, core, remove and dispose.
Recycling & Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

DK Demolition offers expertise in developing and implementing comprehensive construction and demolition (C&D) Materials Management Plans, Environmental Consulting, Compliance Reporting that focus on recycling of C&D materials to reduce costs and that are in compliance with such “green” efforts as LEED.
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